Aw crap, I apologize for being idle in this blog (and my other blog) for a few days.
I really hate cram school. Damn, why did I even enroll there? It’s boring af and takes too much of my time with waking up too early and too many homeworks. OTL
I haven’t done any full colored illustrations or any themed illustration, and it depresses me. :/
I wanna try doing those detailed artworks I used to do before (and even more detailed as I want to improve) but my schedule cannot adjust to a detailed artwork so I’ll be doing simple doodles/comics for the meantime.
I’m in a huge rut, my coloring looks horrible, I can’t see any progress. I try experimenting with different coloring styles and they just end up either looking downright horrible or the same as the others. It’s frustrating../sigh//
ah well…I have to make many crappy stuff before I can produce a nice work.
i’ve been meaning to say this but I’ve been too shy. I like how in your artwork that you can automatically tell Marik and Yami Marik apart. Like the reverse Yami Marik has his hair down in a ponytail but his presence still screams Yami Marik. I think that’s so cool. You inspire me a lot 🙂


I have a hard time drawing Mirror! Mariku lol. I am not used to him having a super friendly and nice expression 😀

But yeah, it’s the eyes I have to emphasize and the body type..he is more muscular and has a more chiseled face than Malik.


Just wanted to say I love your art! XD Not sure if this was asked already…but if regular Ryou loves all things occult, does that mean Mirror AU Ryou likes things cute?…or something like that? Just curious, thanks for the awesome art!


Mirror! Ryou secretly loves cute stuff..He’s a skilled artist and craftsman so he makes cute arts and crafts at home…It’s a private hobby  since sewing, knitting, etc. ain’t Badass™  😉


Also, this was a short scribble of Male Ishizu and Fem! Seto. context tbh. I don’t even know what they’re doing LOL..I’m not really sure with Male Ishizu’s clothes since he has to be showing the necklace..and Fem! Kaiba here looks like that girl from GX. (I forgot her name).



the coloring here sucks lol. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be posting this family pic on tumblr or twitter..It looks too horrible, the coloring..ugh..I’m sobbing internally..

Though I miss drawing Fem! ryou…I should draw more of her…Mariku<3

(I actually drew more of her in my sketchbook lol)

That reminds me, I’m still stuck on that fem! ryou’s those two pages I can’t come up with in terms of paneling and pacing. I can’t start the mirror au comics unless I finish the fem! ryou comic, that’s what I promised myself.  It’s just three pages and I still can’t get them done because I’m too nervous.






Man, I hate cram school it’s super boring. I don’t have much time to surf the interwebs and all.. /sigh///
And it starts at 7:30 am ..ugh..
anyway, I’ll try to do some doodles least a day 🙂
Oh no! My precious Ryou’s clothes were burnt! Poor Ryou~


  1. imagine mirror zorc though aaaahhh



Still not proud of my works atm , but hopefully,  I get better. I wanna write some more but I’m a bit tired.


This is by far, one of the crappiest artworks I drew..I’ve never felt so disappointed with the way I colored and did the linework lol. Man, so many anatomy mistakes for a chibi and the colors are too bold. OTL

(slams head repeatedly on the table)

Anyway, hopefully things get better after this mess. :’D (I really should practice with coloring)




I can see mistakes with the fire’s supposed to be overlapping or just over the clothes but I fucked the process.

ah wells…I should experiment and draw more. I  can’t bear to look at these, haha.:D





so anyway, on a slightly personal note, I may have enrolled in a MCAT (is that how Americans call their medical school exam?) cram school. Well, I’m not really sure If I should go ahead with that but I just want to take them as back up for certain stuff. I don’t even wanna be a doctor lol… I just wanna draw lots of ygo and art stuff haha.
Also I might take up a law school examination too also for back up…
..shiittt..f*ck me..
 It’s just five hours anyway….so I’ll still have time to draw. 🙂
I have to do some studies again..I have to practice more on anatomy and experiment more on coloring. I haven’t been proud of my recent works lately. the coloring is too harsh, the anatomy is shockingly depresses me slightly.
What kind of shop does Mirror Mariku own?🤔


I love drawing houses..I’m still a beginner at coloring them (you can see how dull the colors are here)  but when I was small, I used to grab my mom’s magazines and look at pictures of old houses and cottages… ;D


How could Canon Bakura react to parallel Ryou?


I think Bakura would be impressed by him since yknow, PL Ryou is similar to him in many aspects. ( the anatomy is off here ..esp at Bakura ..crap.)

And some people wanted to see a reverse thiefship…




1st panel, 1st speech balloon) : Lyrics from “From the Moment We Met” (‘cuz it’s hard thinking of a romantic, cheesy paragraph)



Oh god, anatomy in the last panel is terribly OFFF…esp with Malik..the face is too small and squished..I feel like sobbing because this is one mistake I am aware of but still committed it.


I think reverse thiefshipping would be like Isaac and Miria from Baccano minus the thieving part since Bakura and Malik’s alignment is of the good.

And I should also get back to finishing three pages of the fem! ryou comic..I know a few people wanna read it and I haven’t updated it much since I was quite invested in the mirror/parallel AU.  …..sorry….;_;

Here’s one panel of it~



Mirror/Parallel! 2

HOLY MOTHER OF MARIKU,  I posted something,

fuckin’ finally. 😀

( I was also preoccupied with uni stuff for the past few days ..://)

Anyway, continuation of the previous b/w PL/mirror! comic featuring Kaiba. I kinda’ rushed with this (and the paneling really sucks OTL sorry)

I wanna start drawing (and coloring) the Parallel verse so and Rin have so many headcanons haha. I just wanted to finish this piece so I can head there.


PL_banditspl_bandits pt 2



I referenced Baccano! here..and poked fun at american stereotypes.

I really apologize for this kind of strip..I promise I’ll do an A4 comic series instead like my fem! ryou project (which is still on hold) . I hate the paneling here,even Rin said the paneling was off here, not as good as my fem! ry comic project.

And also some followers wanted to see what Reverse thiefshipping is like, I hope this strip gives some hints on how they are ;)). Of course, I plan on making a reverse thiefship themed strip but it’s nice to show a preview first, some entrance I guess.

And Bandit Keith(ygotas inspired…with the ‘MURICA attitude ) and Ryou have sorta interacted in one of my comics here..(I’m too lazy to link it but he is rude there so..opposite of this lol)

I’ll be back answering replies tomorrow. 🙂





So anyway, people have been asking about how Mirror! Bakura would look like, I’m still trying to think of his design.  I apologize, it’s taking too long. OTL

I want Bakura’s and Malik’s designs to be submitted simultaneously.

One thing that’s difficult about this AU is that, I have to draw the characters as OOC as possible LOL. I’m so used with Ryou having a smiley friendly face and Mariku possessing a chesire cat smirk.

The expressions and gestures are gonna be hard to draw but I think it would be good practice. I cringed the last time with Mirror! Kaiba…the dude reminds me of Ted Bundy.

Also sorry for those anticipating the fem! stuff comics. I’m still stuck at the two/three pages and I swear to God, I’m super frustrated with how long it’s taking..://

I truly wish that I can get to those three pages..I’m disappointed with myself that I can’t finish those in a day. I get really anxious with the paneling and if it looks bad.. /sigh//

Art/creative anxiety is one of my huge problems. I tend to think too much before I draw, it’s crippling, like “OMG the colors would suck like the last time, the anatomy would be off, “lol.

I have so much expectations for myself, GOD. wtf? haha. I wish I was a lazy artist, like a friend said, I would be able to dismiss and not care about all the shit I think of most of the time. But then again, I want to pull a lot of effort with my art.

some doodles for today~


PL ry.png

not proud of the first one, it’s too sharp and bold…:// (not my cup of tea)




Mirror! Verse

Mariku runs a small charity shop (how nice does he have to be? :D) and Ryou is his new slave , I mean, volunteer for the shop as his community service..

TO BE CONTINUED…(once I’m done with my first comic project pfft)

I planned a comic strip for this 🙂